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Registered Nurse

My name is Crystal N Everett. I am a currently a RN and have over 17 years in the healthcare field. I became a CNA in 2004, CMA in 2007, LPN in 2011, and a RN in 2018. I am currently working full-time as a RN MDS coordinator at MapleCrest which I have been employed there about 9 years in varies of different positions. I have several different degrees I have bachelor degree in Psychology and Education with a major in Community Health. My passion is dedicated to helping people obtain their fullest potential. I knew my calling was in nursing when I had my first child in which he has special needs. I currently have three children and 2 of them our special needs. I am a personal advocate for them in which I ensure their needs are being met; they receive appropriate and adequate care. My goal is to teach, train, and help develop students that will help provide individuals with the best quality care possible. In my spare time I love to spend as much time possible with my children, read books, and always looking for opportunity to expand my knowledge base. CALL (402) 799-1501.